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Nail Clippers

Nail clippers

This is one of my favorite products because it performs and I have searched for a long time to find it. I had to go through a lot of bad products first, which makes it that much more valuable to me. Here is the link for the Nail Clippers . Of course it is from Amazon ! I am a big Amazon fan, especially when reading reviews.

It works great because it is sharp, it cuts very easily and best part is the my kids don’t hate it! I had to sing songs, distract with objects, you name it, we tried it all to be able to cut her nails. And as often as 3 days apart, I was dreading nail cutting time.The first few that I have tried were a disaster because my oldest was pulling her hand back, scared. I probably hurt her in the past because if the edge is not sharp enough, the clipper will pull the nail instead of cutting it. Other clippers also blocked my view and that’s dangerous if you don’t see the corners of the blade.

This product is safe, easy to use and I highly recommend it.

We just recently purchased the upgraded version, for 3 months and up. Will let you know how that works when we receive it.

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